Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to my little corner of the interweb.

Every week I'll present
The Gear Nerd's Tool of the Week as well as comprehensive comparisons of the everyday kitchen tools we take for granted.

I'm always looking for ideas and products to test so hit me up with anything you have.


  1. Things that get all of the lovely juice out of citrus fruits. And I mean all the juice. None of this crap that leaves half of it there and calls it a day.

  2. Because I don't always want or need to use my stand mixer, I'd be interested in seeing a comparison of handheld electric mixers mix/whip/whisk attachments.

    Eg: The skinnier thick-gauge wire blades, such as the attachment on this Braun: vs. the wider flatter blades, such as on this Hamilton: ?

    Assuming each is best for certain applications, should I look for a mixer that has both and does such a beast exist?

  3. edit: sorry, I don't know how to post links on blogspot (yet). The tiny url's will redirect to